Brain Wellness

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Here are some simple things to practice to keep your mind well.

  1. Get Mental Stimulation
  2. Get Physical Exercise
  3. Improve Your Diet
  4. Improve Your Blood Pressure
  5. Improve Your Blood Sugar
  6. Improve Your Cholesteral
  7. Consider Low-Dose Aspirin
  8. Avoid Tobacco
  9. Don't Abuse Alcohol
  10. Care For Your Emotions
  11. Protect Your Head
  12. Build Social Networks

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Exercise Your Brain: Why Physical Fitness is a Great Hobby for your Mental Health

More than half a century ago, Dr. Brock Chisolm said, “Without mental health there can be no true physical health.” He was a psychiatrist and the first Director-General of the World Health Organization, and though the statement he made was one of the first suggesting the link between mental and physical well-being, he turned out […]

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For seniors, one of the best ways to work on staying sharp is by exercising their brains through different types of games. These games each offer a different approach, and through repetitive play, seniors can boost their concentration, memory, and general cognition.

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