How to keep your brain healthy

Here are some simple things to practice to keep your mind well.

  1. Get Mental Stimulation
  2. Get Physical Exercise
  3. Improve Your Diet
  4. Improve Your Blood Pressure
  5. Improve Your Blood Sugar
  6. Improve Your Cholesterol
  7. Consider Low-Dose Aspirin
  8. Avoid Tobacco
  9. Don’t Abuse Alcohol
  10. Care For Your Emotions
  11. Protect Your Head
  12. Build Social Networks


From HealthHarvard.edu



George Mears is a brain fitness expert, educator, and counselor. One of his primary areas of study is neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change and improve over one’s lifetime. He believes in the power of games, puzzles, memory activities, and other brain boosting practices to encourage brain plasticity and minimize brain health deterioration. He shares his thoughts and favorite brain fitness exercises at Brain Wellness. He’s currently writing a book, based on experiences with his clients, examining the connections between brain plasticity and dementia.